Seth Rogen Is My Eskimo Brother Cover | کاور موزیک Seth Rogen Is My Eskimo Brother

دانلود اهنگ Seth Rogen Is My Eskimo Brother از Haarper

چهارشنبه 08 آبان 1398 Seth Rogen Is My Eskimo Brother by Haarper
Trap, Electro, Electronic rock, Electronica, Electronicore

It's about time that I let go
I don't miss her
Pornstars gettin with the clique
I don't miss her
Hoes without clothes
Curlin toes
I don't miss her

Stripper dancing all around that pole (titty)
She said mister
Can I be yo suga baby
Ima treat you good
I'm the female that you need to
Tug upon yo morning wood
(my boner)
I said girl can you cook
She said no
(no steak no cake)
Gave that bish a dolla bill and made my way up out the door

Ridin round the city
Instagram are you feelin this
Puttin up a show so she knows that I'm killin it
She pull up in my dreams
I said Bitch you are killin meh
I'm tearing at the seams
Turnin green are you feelin meh

Got my eyes xx
Numbin my mind, sex sex
She want my time, next next
They on my line, text text

Chillin at a party and you know that it ain't audible
Girl give me eyes but I sigh
Where the honor roll
Lookin round the scene in the night with my optical
Like an eagle soaring with the flight Rid the nautical
(caw caw motherfucker)

Oh shit
there's my ex
She saw me lookin now she lookin right back with a step
I take a breathe
Feelin tense
Now she Turnin to her left
Leavin with another dude
Wait what the fuck is that Seth?


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