FIGHT CLUB Cover | کاور موزیک FIGHT CLUB

دانلود اهنگ FIGHT CLUB از Haarper

پنجشنبه 16 اردیبهشت 1400 FIGHT CLUB دانلود آهنگ | FIGHT CLUB | Haarper FIGHT CLUB by Haarper
Trap, Electronic rock, Electro, Electronicore

Neck, reflect, when I blast with the tech
Goin full fuckin mech fo the task to go wreck yo city
Nah nah my city
Chitty chitty, bang bang
Lookin gritty when I make the colt sang
Gotta bolt in ya dome
When I jolt down yo block
They juh fold and they bang
Without carbon and the pop
But they carbon when they copy
Doin shit sloppy, fuck yo operation
See the doctor is talking
Frankenstein up high up in the alpines
Makin money mine on that divine time
Run into me ima kill like cattle
Go ahead and flip yo coin
The CBP gon tackle
The CBD wont battle
Like EDC, gon rattle
They sleepin with the apple
Ill never see the gavel
My remington steady ending them
Moving lawless
Gotta get my practice
Gotta get the blade and polish
Bumpin tame impala trippy scholar
takin time a break from amygdala
They just tryna clone me and contain me
They want to be me, rearrange, im gettin angry
Good luck x2
Blades up x2
If you wanna fight
In the fight club, fight club
(Get the blade and polish)
Stay in yo lane in yo town
If you wanna step to me
Come play with the dogs and the hounds
Ill never spare an enemy
*side vocals*
They gone stay down, down away
From my throne my crown my lane
(Good luck bro x8)

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